cowry coffee



Credit of “UNFIELD”

Producer: Shinya Chifu
Creative Director: Masato Mitsunari
Camera: Ichiro Mae / Editor: Ichiro Mae
Design: Takuya Kusunoki
Marketer: Keiji Saka

cowry coffee / 珈琲焙煎所

Cowry Coffee is located in a place where is far away from noisy town and surrounded by nature. The owner, Mr. Kadowaki is also a pianist. We depicted his thoughts and obsessiveness shared between music and coffee in beautiful contrast. The melody of piano played by Mr. Kadowaki will stay in your heart.

cowry coffee / 珈琲焙煎所

He hand-picks coffee beans 3 times to raise the quality and use 40 g of ground coffee to brew. In the middle of the film, we highlighted dripping, his most favorite process of brewing to show you how he dialogizes with beans. He says that carefully brewed coffee changes its taste over time like a piece of music.

cowry coffee / 珈琲焙煎所

He told us that expressing his thoughts at moments often turns out to be a song when he plays piano. A cup of coffee also completes when you finish it because it remains in your memory like a song. He also mentioned that to create is to make someone memorize it. The image shows the comfortable aftertaste that the coffee and the music left and the quality of his creation.


〒920-1303 石川県金沢市辰巳町7-241
tel: 070 - 6547 - 6371 / open: 12:00〜18:30(L.O 18:00)
official site: http://cowrycoffee.blogspot.jp/
map: Google Map